OB Inspirations?

Ob Inspirations is a platform, which strives consistently and sources a substitute for some of the best alternate brand options which are certainly and truly distinctive.

We are your alternative beginning to start using products that have the same charm as the brands but at a much reasonable price point.

The fact that there is a sea of new launches every year, by new and talented entrepreneurs and start-up brands, we strive to source them, evaluate them, and bring them to you.

What We Do? We give an exposure to your brand and let you get exposed to a new brand!

How We Do It?

We first source it

We try it

We evaluate it

we present it

then we let you try it

then we let own it

Team OB Inspirations consistently collects unique and distinctive original brands that are not well known but have the qualities of international brands from across Europe and Asia pacific bringing them to you under one roof.

On the other side as a brand owner we do our best to get your product introduced to our consumers who have that extra edge in choice to try and explore something new and adventures.

Meet the team Like everybody else we want to grow and we are looking for the right people to join hands, looking for people who are full of positivity minus the ego. People who by nature wear hats of honesty, integrity, truthfulness and transparency.

Noor Mohammed Khan

Founder / Business Architect

A Leader who helps?

and ready to learn?

Digital Marketer

Independent and Creative

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